Whether you graduated one year ago or 50, you have something to give as well as gain through Sigma Phi Delta’s mentoring program. With this revamped program, we have high hopes of not only helping individual brothers succeed in their lives and careers, but also strengthening relationships between SPD alumni of all ages.

Aaren Salido ’07 and Director of Alumni Relations Josh Lester ’02 recently took the initiative to revitalize SPD’s previous mentoring program, which previously had surprisingly low participation.

“We just wanted to revamp the program with the hope of sparking new interest,” says Aaren. “Additionally, in reading many of the active chapter evaluations, most listed improving alumni relations as a goal, so we thought this was another way to help in that effort.”

The goal of the program is to pair brothers with more career experience with brothers in earlier stages of their careers, to provide them with knowledge and guidance in developing their careers and lives. According to Aaren, the new program has been modeled after other programs seen in the industry in order to build mutual growth and strong, healthy relationships between actives and alumni. The program offers multiple levels of mentorship so that both mentors and protégés at any stage of their lives can participate, and participation can be formal or informal.

Taking part in mentoring is unique in that it is an easy way for anyone to support SPD no matter where they are, whereas financial support and in-person volunteering are not always possible for everyone.

“Alumni should get involved because it is a simple way to give back to the organization,” says Aaren. “I believe that SPD has positively affected the lives of its members, and the mentoring program will allow them to pay it forward to active members.”

Aaren, an alum of Beta-Delta Chapter at Virginia Tech, says he volunteers with SPD today as a way to both stay connected and help out. Putting in the extra effort to volunteer with the fraternity has benefited him in many ways, he says, from helping him to be more patient to developing his management and communication skills. But most of all, it has simply been a rewarding experience to help the organization that has given so much to him—an experience he believes any alum would be grateful for.

“This experience has allowed me to give back to the organization that I truly care about,” he says.

We are currently in need of as many potential mentors and protégés as possible to get the program started! If you might be interested in participating, contact Josh (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or Aaren (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) for more information.

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