This Honor Roll reflects gifts made to the Annual Fund since January 1st. Donors are organized by chapter then initiation year, and not gift amount. Thank you to all of our donors for their ongoing generosity.

Supervising Member ($500 - $2999.99)
Michael Burke1982 DELTA
Kevin Serafin1992 DELTA
Sustaining Member ($100 - $364.99)
Roger Fischer1989 ALPHA
Michael Perz1973 DELTA
Erik Schultz2001 DELTA
Leon Janik1966 ETA
Ronald Lesniak1970 ETA
Paul Konrath1978 ETA
Laurie Maranda1955 THETA
Contributing Member ($50 - $99.99)
Fred MacMurdo1968 DELTA
Aashish Chuttani2013 DELTA
Brian Bauer1980 ETA
Sidney Firstman1954 MU
Supporting Member (Up to $49.99)
Paul Lindner1988 DELTA
Bruce Purvis1988 DELTA
David Kintz1990 DELTA
Carlos Jimenez1993 DELTA
Michael Rohan1993 DELTA
Matthew Braun1994 DELTA
Dino Tsoukatos1996 DELTA
Brian Dagenais1998 DELTA
Jeffrey Leesman2003 DELTA
Jeff Blind2004 DELTA
Anthony Mackey2009 DELTA
Patrick Jemmi2012 DELTA
Kyle Sheehan2014 DELTA
Vince Williamson2014 DELTA
Daniel McGovern2015 DELTA

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Lost Brothers

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