1. Provide undergraduate engineers with an experienced alumnus who can guide the students through their academic and professional careers.
2. Increase the retention rate of students.
3. Build Brotherhood.

Mentor Duties:
1. Meet regularly with your undergrad during the span of one academic year.
2. Otherwise the scope of this project is whatever you want to make of it.

You must be an alumnus who is willing to demonstrate concern, have a good sense of humor, and have good communication skills. You must be willing to expand your interperonal skills and be tactful when dealing with cross-cutural, cross-generational communications. You must be personally committed in helping Sigma Phi Delta actives succeed in college.

If you're an Alumnus interested in serving as a mentor or if you're an Active looking to get matched up, send the following information to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

1. Name
2. Chapter
3. Major
4. Graduation Year
5. [Mentors] Employer, Title/Role
6. Hobbies
7. Interest Statement
8. Mentor Preference / Active member preference (By Chapter, By Major, By Interests, etc.) - We'll take this into consideration, but can't make any guarantees

How being a mentor is benefiting our alumni brothers...

"I have been doing the mentoring program at Marquette and it is also a part of what I do in Boy Scouts and with Gateway [Technical College]. I'd like to work with any students interested in starting their own business and/or pursuing their passion in life and making a difference in the world...I think this is a great tool for the fraternity.  I am a big proponent of helping others, as we can all open doors for others that they themselves can’t.  It is important to find new ways of providing value and enhancing involvement for both actives and alumni.  In order to get the participation you desire, you might need to 'sell' the program adequately to both potential mentors and protégé’s.  If you would like any assistance in understanding that process and the potential, I am more than willing to share my insights."

- Dan Bowser '91 (Epsilon Chapter)

"My interest in mentoring is that it is a Two Way street.  I hope that I can add some value as to the importance of class work/grades/etc in the current work environment.  My personal interests are to find out what kinds of issues current students are facing as well as what kind of things are being focused on from a curriculum standpoint so I can understand what I should expect in college grads."

- Matthew Logelin '99 (Epsilon Chapter)

"I've been involved in a mentor/mentee program at work (except on the mentee side, not mentor side) and have seen the benefits of such a program first hand. I think this is a great opportunity not just for the alumni and actives but for Sigma Phi Delta as a whole."

- Alex Alfrey '06 (Psi Chapter)

"I am an alumnus and I recognize the value of mentoring. Being an international director of business development for Lockheed Martin I may not have a broad appeal among those unfortunates who think that engineering is an end by and for, itself. But, for those others..."

- Robert Laing '91 (Theta Chapter)

"I would love to participate in this program because I would have loved this program while I was in undergrad, and as I have experienced a lot during my job hunt and during my career, I feel that I can be a valuable asset to this program."

- Andy Alle '10 (Beta-Delta Chapter)

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