Passion for SPD Inspires Deputy Executive Secretary Michael Roselius to Volunteer 

For Michael Roselius, Sigma Phi Delta was an opportunity to bond with a group of men who shared similar interests and coursework. Roselius attended Virginia Tech, and it was there that he learned the powerful impact fraternities can make on a community.

“It took me about two years to fully understand what fraternity life is really about and how we can positively impact our communities when we come together in brotherhood.”

Now, Roselius has joined the Supreme Council as a Deputy Executive Secretary, along with Raphael Mills.

Below he shares why he’s volunteering, the impact he hopes to make, and how Sigma Phi Delta has influenced his life.

Q: Why have you chosen to volunteer? What do you hope to gain from the experience?

A: I volunteered to become Executive Secretary because I knew I didn’t want to stop contributing to SPD once I graduated, and I knew that our national offices could always use more help. I heard about this position opening through another VT alum, Aaren Salido, and thought this would be a great opportunity to get involved with the national organization. I hope to learn more about how our fraternity runs and ways we can improve our efficiency, and to gain insight from other chapters’ issues and solutions that I can pass on to my home chapter. I also look forward to meeting new brothers of all ages and continuing to create lifelong relationships around the fraternity.

Q: What impact do you hope to make during your time as Executive Secretary?

A: The Executive Secretary position is just a means of influencing the national fraternity for me. It is a decent amount of forms and administrative duties, but I know that learning the processes that govern SPD nationally will help me understand the issues we face as an organization, and over time I hope to help find solutions to any problem that comes our way. And if that means submitting forms for now, I can handle that.

Q: What are the top few things you gained from your Sigma Phi Delta experience?

A: If I had to boil it down into my favorite SPD things, I’d have to say some amazing undergrad memories, some of the closest relationships I’ve ever had, a continuous personal and leadership growth, and a passion to pay it forward to new SPD members nationwide.

Q: What did Sigma Phi Delta teach you about leadership?

A: SPD taught me early that there is no correct way to lead others, and that anyone can do it, regardless of age, academic level, or position title. I was one of the youngest brothers to join my local chapter’s executive committee, and had to fight for what I believe in against numerous older brothers that wanted to continue to do things the way they had always been done.

Eventually, I was voted in as President, and our chapter saw one of its greatest expansions in recruitment, Greek involvement, community service, brotherhood, and many other aspects of SPD life. We had our biggest pledge class ever get initiated at the end of my tenure, and overall, morale was high. Things have come down since then at the chapter, which is what drives me to continue to lead them from beyond graduation and to advise them however I can.

Q: Has your Sigma Phi Delta membership impacted your career? If so, in what ways?

A: SPD actually has had no direct influence on my acquisition of a job in the Civil Engineering field post-graduation—I owe that all to a handful of wonderful professors and advisors at VT. However, SPD has helped me mature and discover my true potential as a member of a larger community, and helped me understand that there is nothing wrong with leaning on others for help at times, as long as you return the favor. Professionally, I was able to improve my public speaking, technical writing, and organizational skills as President, and the various events we scheduled helped me learn better time management and how to coordinate with multiple parties of varying interests. Also, for the few times it was relevant, my positions sometimes put me as a mediator and thus helped me learn conflict resolution techniques and the importance of emergency preparedness.

Q: Have you attended any reunions recently? Any upcoming?

A: I’ve gone back to visit my chapter 7 times since graduating last year, for various events such as new brother initiations, alumni weekends, and other fun stuff. Being only 4 hours from VT makes it a fun occasional getaway for a weekend, and I plan to go to a few more this coming fall (Football season!). Also, we have quite a few local alumni in the Washington DC area that meet up every so often for happy hours, sports games, etc. I’ve also kept in touch with a few Alpha Omega Epsilon (our sister sorority) members around DC, especially since my fiancé is an alumna of the group.

Q: Tell us about the responsibilities in your current job?

A: I am a Staff Engineer for Gordon, a civil engineering firm located in northern Virginia. Generally, I help prepare the Site Plans that are required to perform most construction work on public or private projects in the land development realm. This is a mix of technical design and problem solving that really defines Engineering, while adhering to many different regulations and maintaining safety of all users, construction workers, and anyone else that comes in contact with our job sites.

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