Deputy Executive Secretary, Raphael Mills, Hopes to Enhance the SPD Experience

One of our Deputy Executive Secretaries, Raphael Mills, has a unique experience with Sigma Phi Delta.

He was a charter member of Beta Kappa Chapter at Lehigh University. In fact, he actually started the move to bring Sigma Phi Delta to Lehigh’s campus.

“I believed that Sigma Phi Delta would fill a niche in our school for people looking for a fraternity that was both social and professional,” Mills said. “In particular, the focus on engineering was important due to the rigor that comes with majoring in a field as math- and science-intensive as engineering.”

“A large part of the success in starting my chapter is due to a fellow brother in my chapter that joined in after a brother from Omega asked his sister (who attended our university) to approach him about starting Sigma Phi Delta at our school,” Mills said. “I had brought in a few other interested members and handled a lot of the documentation needed to become a colony and eventually a chapter, but without Nick Tashjian, I don’t think my chapter would be here today. He had natural leadership skills and helped bring the interest we needed. It is amazing to me to look back and see how far my chapter has come. There was a time when we weren’t sure we would succeed, but now our chapter has grown and has taken on a life of its own.”

Mills also says he’s gained great relationships thanks to being a member of Sigma Phi Delta. Though his career hasn’t been directly impacted by the fraternity, he knows that Sigma Phi Delta did help him succeed academically and that the contacts he made are invaluable.

“It was valuable to have brothers who are in the same classes as you when it came to studying for exams and learning the complex material that comes with majoring in engineering,” he said.

His experience with the chapter also helped Mills form valuable skills. “I gained the leadership and personal skills that come with leading a chapter and working together to make our chapter successful,” he said. “Sigma Phi Delta helped show me what I lacked in leadership and slowly but surely allowed me to become a better leader. These skills will benefit me well into my professional career.”

Now, as an alumnus, Mills wants to give back in return for the great experience he had, but he also wants to help make continual improvement within the fraternity.

“I choose to volunteer because I want to give back to the fraternity. I have really grown as a person from my involvement in Sigma Phi Delta, which is why I want to do more to help Sigma Phi Delta reach greater heights.”

Mills says he doesn’t think he can ever repay Sigma Phi Delta for the experience he had, but he certainly wants to try. “I hope to make Sigma Phi Delta better than it already is. Being in the position of power will put me in a position where I can do something to better the fraternity. I hope to listen to the issues our members bring up and to address those issues.”

Aside from volunteering, Mills also recently took on a new job. “I got my undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering with a minor in energy engineering at Lehigh University. I have recently graduated again from Lehigh University and now have a Masters of Engineering in Energy Systems Engineering. I got a job with Bechtel Marine Propulsion Corporation (BMPC) at Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory.”

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