"I never realized how important Sigma Phi Delta would become in my life."For Raymond Waszkowski ’67 (Iota Chapter), the Sigma Phi Delta experience didn't end at graduation. In fact, nearly 50 years later, he’s still celebrating the lifelong benefits of membership in our Fraternity—most recently at a reunion with 20 fellow alumni in Marco Island, Fla. this past April. Learn more about the lifelong connections and career networking he has enjoyed throughout the last century, thanks to SPD.

Q: What is the #1 thing you gained from your SPD experience? 
A: Extremely loyal friends and lasting friendships.

Q: You reunited with 20 fellow alumni in Marco Island this past April. What does it mean to you to maintain lifelong connections with your brothers? 
A: We are now all in the winter of our years. When we get together, we talk initially about the good old days when we were in school. Those were some very good years. Then we talk about what is happening in our lives at the moment. When we leave each other, we promise we will do it again before we are not able to.

Q: What is your best memory from your undergraduate experience?
A: About one year after I pledged Sigma Phi Delta, I was elected VP (Party Chief).  About three months into my term, the Chief got sick and had to go home, and I took over his responsibilities until the end of our term. As tradition has it, the Chief would receive a gavel in recognition of his service. I did not expect anything since I was not elected Chief. At our winter formal dance, I was presented a plaque, which I still have hanging in my home office. I was so surprised and grateful for the award.

"I never realized how important Sigma Phi Delta would become in my life."Q: How do you maintain your connection with alumni after graduation?
A: After working for a firm for almost 20 years, I got laid off. After two months of searching for a job, I received a call from Brother Clyde Huntington. He offered me a job as the service manager of his firm. Twenty-seven years later, I retired from the firm. I’m very appreciative of my Sigma Phi Delta connections.

This past April, 20 Iota Chapter alumni and their wives met in Marco Island, Fla. We spent three days of renewing old memories. One of those evenings was spent at Dominic Ricamato’s house. View the photos from that get-together.

A small group of us also got together recently for dinner and a free concert at the Arboretum in S. Barrington.

Q: Who did/do you look up to in the fraternity? Which brothers were mentors to you?
A: Joe Rubel comes to mind. He kept the alumni of Iota Chapter connected. He arranged two cruises that my wife and I were on. He passed away about a year and a half ago.

I also appreciate Brother Clyde Huntington who hired me for a job that lasted until I turned 70 years old. Clyde and his wife died in a tragic private airplane accident in 1995.

"Science, Friendship and Duty are not just words, but principles the brothers of Iota Chapter live by."

Q: Which brothers were at/in your wedding, and whose have you attended? What is it like to have brothers by your side, or to be there for them, during life’s biggest moments?
A: Brother Chuck Fadale stood up to our wedding 48 years ago. The wedding I remember was before I actually pledged, and it was Brother Dominic Ricamato and Angie. Unfortunately Angie passed away a number of years ago.

Q: If you could reunite with one brother this summer, who would it be and why?
A: Joe Rubel, who is deceased, to tell him how good of a brother he was to me.  

Q: Is there anything you’d like to add related to your Sigma Phi Delta experience?

A: I never realized how important Sigma Phi Delta would become in my life. Science, Friendship and Duty are not just words, but principles the brothers of Iota Chapter live by.

Q: Do you have a proud engineering moment from your career that you’d like to share (e.g., a project, patent, published paper, technology you’ve used, etc.)?
A: I never expected to become a part owner in the firm Brother Clyde Huntington had asked me to join.

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