Growth Stats in Recent Years:

  • Before the year 2000, Sigma Phi Delta had only eight active chapters. Since this time, the Fraternity has more than tripled in size, now boasting 25 active chapters.


  • Twelve of those 25 active chapters of Sigma Phi Delta are less than four years old, meaning SPD experienced the biggest expansion boom in its history.


  • To date, there have been 9,793 Sigma Phi Delta members recorded in history. This fall semester marks an important milestone for our Fraternity, as we may very well initiate our 10,000th member!


  • In the past decade, approximately 1,500 students have been initiated as brothers at Sigma Phi Delta chapters. What’s interesting about this number?  More than two-thirds were initiated during the expansion boom in the last four years!

The past decade has been one of tremendous success for Sigma Phi Delta, thanks to our devoted alumni who continue to support our efforts. We’ve grown from just eight active chapters in 2000 to 25 today, and may be able to celebrate the initiation of our 10,000th member this fall.

In addition to our recent expansion and climbing recruitment numbers, changes were made to the Fraternity’s organizational structure and its method of training for prospective new members in recent years. Training was standardized across all chapters, the Fraternity officers and staff were restructured to work more efficiently, and greater volunteers were sought for a variety of new positions. These changes, which were made possible by donation from our loyal alumni, have allowed our chapters to receive the attention necessary to take their success to the next level and to focus on ensuring quality members.

Your continued support in the new year will ensure our continued success and growth. You can make a gift online HERE or make a gift when you receive our kickoff letter in the mail in the next few days.

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Lost Brothers

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