Thanks to SPD, They Have a Band of Brothers for Life

The Mouradian Twins Always Relied on Each OtherHow many fraternities can say their membership includes a set of twins?

Well, this year, Sigma Phi Delta had not one, but two sets of twins pledge the fraternity, including Blake and Austin Mouradian.

The identical twins were born and raised in San Diego, California. Both developed an interest in engineering during their time at Scripps Ranch High School, and they both applied for just two schools: San Diego State University and Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.

Austin and Blake weren’t accepted to Cal Poly, but they’ve been excelling at SDSU. As twins, they feed off each other’s motivation—growing, learning, and taking on new challenges together.

“We work together on almost everything,” Blake says. “We help each other out with classes and keep each other on track to becoming the best engineers we can be.”

With no other siblings, Austin and Blake have learned to rely on one another. But now, thanks to Sigma Phi Delta, they have a whole group of brothers to support their academic and professional endeavors and to inspire and encourage continued growth.

The twins were first introduced to the fraternity by their friend Tristan Swanberg in their sophomore year. Tristan encouraged them to attend events and eventually participate in rush—and both are thankful for the encouragement.

“The most valuable thing about Sigma Phi Delta is the support and camaraderie I feel from each brother,” Austin explains. “They always push us to be the best in school, work, or as a person. I am never afraid to ask them for help with school or even with things outside of school.”

Blake echoes these sentiments, saying that his brothers are very supportive and that they build off of each other and work together on the road to becoming successful engineers.

“It ended up being one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my college career,” he says.

Having twins in the fraternity certainly adds some excitement to the experience for other brothers. Blake and Austin still get a kick out of swapping places and pulling one over on other members. Despite their own unique personalities, their identical appearance makes it tough to tell them apart.

Overall, though, Austin and Blake say being twins has strengthened their fraternity experience.

“Through the tough times of pledging, we were able to keep each other accountable on our schoolwork and pledge material,” Blake says.

Most importantly, aside from the support and encouragement they’re receiving during their academic career, Blake and Austin are looking forward to a rewarding—and lifelong—membership in Sigma Phi Delta.

Demonstrating their many shared characteristics as twins, both express enthusiasm for outdoor adventures and athletic events with their brothers.

“I’m looking forward to our camping retreats and intramural sports,” Blake says. “Both consist of bonding with the brothers in this fraternity and building memories that will last for a lifetime.”

Stay tuned in early 2017 for a profile of the other set of twins that pledged this year—Josh and Jake Eastman of the Beta-Omicron Chapter at University of Missouri, also known as Mizzou.

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