Eastman Twins Grow as Individuals and Find Independence Pledging SPD
Jake and Josh Eastman

Jake and Josh Eastman Use Fraternity Life to Break Out of Their Comfort Zones

Fraternal twins Josh and Jake Eastman are the second set of twins to pledge SPD this year. The brothers both joined the Beta-Omicron Chapter at University of Missouri, also known as Mizzou.

“The most interesting thing about joining Sigma Phi is how we have grown individually through the process,” said Josh Eastman. “For one of the first times, I’ve seen us expand socially and professionally in ways very independent of each other.”

The two decided to attend Mizzou after their older sister, Sydney, went through the school’s physical therapy program. The brothers visited Mizzou several times with their sister, so they became familiar with the campus.

Growing up in Platte City, Missouri (a small town outside of Kansas City), both Jake and Josh showed an affinity for engineering from a young age. Josh says he always had a knack for math, science, and technology. It wasn’t uncommon to find him tinkering with their parents’ computers, even accidentally downloading viruses. Electrical engineering was a natural field for him to pursue.

His brother also leaned toward engineering, but in different ways. Jake was analytic and hands-on, building complex creations with Lincoln Logs, Legos, and K’NEX. It’s no surprise that he’s now majoring in mechanical engineering.

The brothers decided to pledge during their sophomore year to expand on their college experience and build relationships with other like-minded students. Jake says that living together away from home has given them opportunities to find new and exciting ways to get on each other’s nerves, but that they also help one another a lot.

“We both developed skills for knowing how to help each other study for tests and with tough assignments, and really aid one another in some of life’s challenges,” said Jake.

The oldest by 12 minutes, Josh says that another one of his goals in joining SPD was to push himself out of his comfort zone.

“I wanted to make myself uncomfortable and meet new people constantly,” he explained. “It is something that is a challenge every day, but I’m sure will make me a better person in the long run.” 

As much as they have in common, there are areas where the brothers differ. Jake is more laid-back when it comes to dealing with conflict. He can stand back and see the situation for what it is. Josh, on the other hand, says that he can be anxious and confrontational. Together, they try to take advantage of their differences to resolve any conflicts that come their way.

Josh hasn’t wasted any time diving into fraternity life. He became the Assistant Fling Liaison for this spring’s Greek week. In that role, he’ll work with other brothers to organize a play, and possibly a dance—both areas he readily admits he has no experience in.

“If being uncomfortable and coming out of my shell is a goal of mine,” said Josh, “then I figured this would be a fantastic way of making myself uncomfortable and meeting a ton of cool people at the same time.”

Although it can be scary to at times to push their comfort zones, Jake and Josh are also finding that it can be exciting and rewarding. They are forming deep bonds with their new brothers and building the foundations of relationships that will last for a lifetime.

“It’s becoming more and more clear that SPD has been a good choice in our lives,” said Jake. 


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