Jack Beckham ’14 Fostered Leadership & People Skills in SPD
Jack Beckham (left) at SPD Brother Francisco Retiz’s wedding with Brothers Brent Hebert and Kyle Byrnes

Jack earned his BS in Mechanical Engineering and today he works for Hoerbiger Engineering Solutions in Houston, Texas, as an Applications Engineer. The company retrofits large engines (1,500 – 16,000 horsepower) so that they meet new emissions regulations, run more efficiently, and have a better air/fuel ratio.

Jack credits his time at SPD with teaching him several life lessons that have served him well in his career since graduation, including working well with others and leading a team.

“The biggest lessons I learned were how to manage others and stay organized,” he explained. “As an Executive Board member, or committee leader, you learn to juggle your school work with the items that need to be taken care of for your committee; while also learning to deal with people who may not see eye-to-eye with you. That’s how it’s going to be in the actual workplace too, so it’s good to start getting that kind of experience.”

Jack recalls that some of his fondest memories from SPD are from brother retreats. They were an opportunity to have fun together without the stress of academics.

“It gives the members a chance to just decompress and have fun,” he said, “because when you get back it’s about time to start hitting the books for finals. This was how it was for Beta-Gamma anyway.”

While Jack was close to all of his brothers when he was active, he was especially close with his roommate and Big, Vewiser. He also rented a house with three of his brothers, Brent Herbert, Francisco Retiz, and Kyle Byrnes. Since Beta-Gamma didn’t have an official house, their place became the main hangout where brothers would meet and socialize.

Jack encourages anyone considering joining a fraternity to do so. It allowed him the opportunity to meet new friends, have a lot of fun, and gain academic support from his peers in ways he may not have otherwise found.

“I wouldn’t have had the same support in my classes from people who have been there and done that,” he said. “Being a part of Sigma Phi Delta was one of the best decisions I made in college.”

He encourages current brothers to always look out for their brothers, since they are like your family, and to give back for future Sigma Phi Deltas.

“Cultivate the new incoming members so that they will be able to carry the torch for your chapter once you have graduated,” he said, “and when you become alumni, give back to the fraternity, so that those that follow can enjoy Sigma Phi Delta the same way you did.” 

This past October, Jack married his fiancé Jamie. When things start to settle down a bit, he would like to go back to school to earn his MBA, and eventually a master’s degree in engineering.


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