Sigma Phi Delta Builds a Foundation For Life

Jason Renner, class of ’99, was the first in his family to go to college. He felt that being a “first generation college student” eased the pressure from his family to maintain certain grades or choose a specific career path. Ultimately, he decided to pursue engineering, and paid his own way through his time at Trine University, working about 20 hours per week.

Renner joined Sigma Phi Delta after he became friends with a few brothers in his freshman year engineering class. Due to his family background, he didn’t have prior exposure to anything engineering related, and Sigma Phi Delta provided the perfect environment to gain exposure and insight into the field. He also greatly enjoyed getting to know his brothers, who came from diverse backgrounds and experiences.

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When Joining the Brotherhood, Age Has No Meaning

Joseph C “Sam” Cox’s experience with Sigma Phi Delta was slightly different from the rest of his brothers, as he was 38 years old when he pledged. After he retired from the army at 38, he went to study chemical engineering at the University of Illinois initially, but later changed his major and graduated with a philosophy degree. After looking into several groups, club and fraternities during the university’s Quad Day, Cox decided to join Sigma Phi Delta, simply because his age didn’t bother them. “I ran into a couple of fellows, Russ DiSalvo and Craig Loudon, from the fraternity manning the fraternity booth, and they didn’t bat an eyelash when I chipped in that I was 38!” he said.

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