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Where Do You Gather with SPD?

Last month, we kept up with our tradition and met with several local St. Louis alumni during the Supreme Council's annual face-to-face meeting and had a blast! We know that there are pockets of alumni living all over the country. If you regularly connect with fellow SPD alumni in your era, send us your stories and photos for possible publication.

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Key Decisions and Fond Farewells at SPD's 41st General Convention

The 41st General Convention of Sigma Phi Delta was held the second weekend in August. The weekend consisted of officer elections for the Supreme Council and Board of Trustees; key decisions and presentations, including passing the motion to change the Constitution and Statutory Code to allow for the pledging of graduate students under certain conditions; and a farewell to long-time Supreme Council Executive Secretary Ian Santarinala, as he officially stepped down from his role.

Key Decisions and Presentations Made During 41st General Convention

- A motion to switch the frequency of General Conventions to yearly was defeated and will be returned to the Supreme Council for further study.

- A motion that changed the Constitution and Statutory Code to allow for the pledging of graduate students under certain conditions, under the discretion of each chapter, was passed.

- A motion formalizing a partnership with US FIRST and Sigma Phi Delta to provide mentors for FIRST's programs

- A presentation on the revamped eight-week Pledge Program complete with: an updated Pledge Manual, new Instructor's Guide, mandatory and suggested Activities, and Online Quiz System. Much more on this in a future e-Star and Castle.

- A presentation was made on the efforts of the Merchandising Committee to provide low-cost, high-quality merchandise to all Sigma Phi Delta members.

Supreme Council and Trustee Elections

- Grand President Alix R. Minden (KAPPA '01), re-elected to his sixth term

- Grand Vice President Eric J. Pew (OMEGA '12), re-elected to his second term

- Director of Alumni Relations Joshua J. Lester (EPSILON '02), re-elected to his second term

- Brother Aaren Salido (BETA-DELTA '07), elected to succeed outgoing Director of Chapter Development Erik N, Schultz (DELTA '01)

Elected during the 41st General Convention for the 2017-2020 term:

- Former Executive Secretary Ian P. Santarinala (DELTA '02) elected to the position of Sigma Phi Delta Board of Trustee Member to succeed Trustee Bruce C. Myatt (ALPHA '75) in 2017.

Find much more information recapping the 41st General Convention, as well as many more pictures, on our Facebook page.

"Sigma Phi Delta Has a Bright Future"

It’s been my pleasure to serve as your fifteenth Executive Secretary. Between me and Grand Old Man Robert J. Beals. Grand Old Man Russell C. Smith, Former Grand President’s McCash, Reinert, and Lindner, somebody at Delta Chapter has been Executive Secretary or Grand President for 76 out of 91 years of our existence (I know, I counted…that’s part of my job).

As I leave office, I take pride in leaving the fraternity in a better state than when I found it. I take pride in the fact that my signature appears on more Charters than any other Executive Secretary. Since taking office, my signature appears on over 1100 membership certificates.

I’d like to thank everyone at Delta Chapter, the older alumni who were legendary figures when I was a pledge, the actives who I lived with at the house on 302 E. Gregory Drive in Champaign, and those actives I came to know after I graduated especially those who were of an age with my younger blood brother who I also suckered into becoming your brother.

I’d like to thank all the brothers from other chapters who I got to know via walkout trips, Convention, and Chapter Visitations. Your world view as an active is pretty insular to your own chapter when you’re young. It starts to expand a little bit as you meet more brothers from other chapters and soon you come to realize that all Sigma Phi Delta men are the same. We’re all a bunch of geeks at heart. But at the same time, together we form the Premier International Social Fraternity of Engineers.

I’d like to thank everyone I’ve served with on the Supreme Council. You’ve made this past decade of serving the Fraternity a pleasure. I wouldn’t have done it if it wasn’t a good time, and it was a real good time (except for those times when Alix would slowly rattle off a roll call vote when a voice tally would have sufficed).

Earlier, I was bragging about Delta Chapter and how great we are (and trust me we are). But at the same time, I think that era may be coming to a close. We have our first Supreme Council member from a double-letter chapter, your one and only Western Province Director Kyle Gibb. I think in the very near future, this is going to be the norm rather than the exception. Sigma Phi Delta has a bright future, I look forward to seeing where it goes, hopefully I’ll be actively participating in it in some form. But not as Executive Secretary. Starting tomorrow, I can stop wondering why you haven’t submitted your Form 21s. If you need me, you know where to find me.

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